Become a Retailer

Join hundreds of retailers across the country using our super fast payments system to increase custom and reduce receipt waiting time. The setup is simple. Why not contact us today for a quote.


We have a fantastically wide range of products on offer for you to sell:

International PAYG

Call abroad from the UK for less with one of these great providers:

International calling cards

Really cheap international calls from a mobile using a calling card:

World networks

Top up these world networks:

Local networks

SIM and top up vouchers for these UK networks:

How does it work?

A simple setup

All that's needed is a PC or EPOS with Internet access, a supported printer, and an EezeeTel retailer account.

Minimum requirements

The following are required to sell EezeeTel services:

  • A PC or EPOS
  • Internet connection
  • A supported printer
  • An EezeeTel account

EezeeTel can help with the setup, although it really is simple - as the instruction video shows.

The printer

A STAR TSP100 is the recommended printer, although any 80mm thermal printer will work just fine.

An EezeeTel account

If you haven't already got an EezeeTel account, contact us today to arrange setup.

Setup instructions

A short video showing the physical setup of the hardware:

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