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Our background

EezeeTel's owners have over 15 years of retailing and IT software development experience. Leveraging that experience, the EezeeTel team built an online retailer distribution portal development in 2008 and in 2011 EezeeTel became the number one retailer distributor for calling cards across the UK using the EezeeTel Web Pay platform.

Our management motto is to provide the best service to our customers by the creative use of technology. We provide a seamless and effective service for supporting them. Today over 750 customers enjoy using EezeeTel to provide international and domestic calling cards, but also leverage the EezeeTel technology team for their software development as well as for taking payment vouchers (e-vouchers).

Learn more about Web Pay below.

Web Pay

The fastest web retail payment system in the UK!

Web Pay features

  • Quick and easy process with great benefits for all retail shops and outlets
  • Secure online process
  • No binding contracts and no hassle of cancellation
  • Many varieties of calling vouchers and mobile vouchers at discounted price
  • Exciting offers with great benefit schemes
  • Vouchers can be sold to customers faster than any other terminals available in the market
  • Once accounts can be topped-up, immediate access is provided to sell all the calling vouchers available
  • With no physical vouchers, the technology is eco-friendly
  • Continuous and friendly technical support included

Our Customers

EezeeTel has over 750 customers nationwide, ranging from big wholesalers to multiple retailers across United Kingdom.

Our customers are news agents, grocery stores, mobile shops, Internet cafes, food & wine agents and wholesale distributors of calling cards, International mobile vouchers, network vouchers and e-voucher services for multiple clients.

Why not do business with us. Use the contact form below, or email us at contact@eezeetel.com or call us on +44 (0) 20 8200 9345.

Contact us

For any queries or complaints please use the contact form below, or email us at contact@eezeetel.com and one of our domestic or international customer service professionals will get in you in touch with the management team.